Friday, October 1, 2010

the first...

dear little leah, 

october is rett syndrome awareness month. we talk to you all the time about rett syndrome. you know that is what makes your body not work as you wish it would and causes you all sorts of grief. you also know that daddy and i are doing our best to help you cope and to gather resources to help find a cure. 

i've been thinking a lot about you and rett syndrome today and decided i wanted to record at least one thought every day this month for you. it can be a thought about rett syndrome, a memory i have, a wish in my heart, a struggle, a triumph. anything at all. but just one thought a day. 

today i chose something i love about you: your sense of humor. 

you are one funny girl, that is for sure. you have always been a big tease and you laugh at other people's misfortune. someone bumps into something? pretty darn funny. if someone falls? downright hilarious. your giggle is contagious {and quite popular - everyone loves it!} and it helps remind me to find the humor in even the worst situations. you are quick to forgive and quick to offer a smile and laugh no matter the situation.

this picture just epitomizes your sense of humor to me. you had been picking your nose, but looked at me because i think you thought i would tell you to stop. when i grabbed for my camera instead, you went straight for the double pick with a smile on your face, a glimmer in your eye and a giggle to boot. and yes, it made me giggle. and no, i didn't make you stop. 

that sense of humor comes in handy, huh?

i love you, little leah. thanks for making me laugh. 


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