Tuesday, October 5, 2010

no. 5: creative sleeping

dear little leah, 

today your daddy and i were talking about your sleeping habits. actually, we were remembering the habit you had last fall of not sleeping at all. the weather's getting cooler again and we decided to dress you in your bone jammies tonight - long pants and long sleeves. daddy mentioned those jammies reminded him of driving you around at unmentionable times of the night so our neighbors wouldn't hear you scream and you'd possibly fall asleep in the car. we got to know the freeways and backroads of our city and the cities surrounding us quite well during those months. 

after your diagnosis, we found some medication that helped to calm your body down and keep you asleep after you had initially dozed off. {insert angels singing praises right here.} this stuff was amazing. i knew i didn't want you to be medicated unnecessarily, but i have to admit, i've been afraid to take you off the medication for fear of not sleeping all over again. those were dark times in the layton household. 

after the study this week, dr. glaze suggested a weaning schedule that would help us to know if you are able to sleep on your own now. so we're giving it a shot. and you know what? so far it's working! yippee!! you, my little friend, are calming down and staying calm all throughout the night...all by yourself. it's a christmas miracle!

daddy and i come to check on you every night to make sure you're safe and sound in your bed. and multiple nights we end up giggling because of where you end up. you're so stealthy sometimes we don't even know you're not in your bed! once you were right in front of the door and we whacked you on our way in. whoops! sorry about that. 
i much prefer your creative sleeping to your lack of sleeping altogether. we're much happier and much nicer to one another that way. i'm so glad you've been able to figure out a way to calm your little body and get the rest you need to run, run, run through your days. 

i love you, little leah. and i love you bunches and bunches when you're sleeping. 


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