Tuesday, June 22, 2010

big girl potty

{don't worry - this isn't you.}

dear little leah,

hip hip hooray! today you went potty on the big girl potty. we've practiced a lot, but usually you get too fidgety before you actually have to go.

but today, you did it!

i let out a big "yay leah!" to which you responded with a very loud shriek of excitement and probably the biggest grin i've seen on your face to date. it was enormous.

in case you're wondering: no, you won't ever be potty trained. mostly because you can't get your clothes off and yourself onto the potty. but we're hoping to 'time train' you. that way, you can learn to hold your potty and we will help you go at certain times every day. much better for you. much better for me {or anyone else doing the diaper changing, for that matter}.

but we're on our way.

i'm so proud of you!

i love you to the moon and back!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

my daddy

{leah here. i hijacked the blog.
i know this is used for letters written to me.
but really, it's my blog.
and today i want to write a letter to my daddy.}

my daddy is great. he's my favorite guy.
he tackles me then throws me up to the sky.
he builds great, tall towers for me to knock down.
he helps me to smile when i just want to frown.
he rocks me and helps me to calm down each night.
he makes me feel safe so i don't feel any fright.
my daddy is proud to tell others i'm his.
when it comes to finance, my daddy's a whiz.
he looks manly in spandex as he rides on his bike.
he likes to make meals and treats that i like.
he works hard all day at his big office job.
then comes home to clean up mom's messes {she's a slob}.
he takes me on walks, pushes me on the swings.
i love all the laughter to life that he brings.
he brushes my hair and picks out my clothes.
he gives me big kisses and tickles my toes.
he helps me in the tub to get squeaky clean.
i simply adore being his little leah bean.

happy father's dad, daddy! i love you.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

do you believe in magic?

dear little leah,

i'm not sure how you do it. you must be magic. i wrap your arm brace as firmly as i can without constricting blood flow and somehow, somehow, you always seem to find a way to make it gracefully fling right off you arm. it is incredible.multiple times a day, i find you in one room and your brace and grip in another.i understand you love to give your dolly kisses and you love to grab for your sippy cup or anything that will make a mess at your own convenience, and the brace being on your left hand really cramps your style. but you can't fool me. i know you like the brace. i know you don't like to have your fingers in your mouth at all times every single day. i know you don't like rotten-smelling fingers and thumbs with sores on them.

i'm learning, though. i'm figuring out ways to wrap that brace tight enough without mangling your arm in the process.

magic is no match for mommy, little leah. no match at all.

love you.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

preschool, take one

dear little leah,
you did it! you're a graduate. yippee! hooray!
you walked down the aisle and got a diploma today.
i'm so proud of all you accomplished this year.
you learned lots of new things and showed little fear.
you're growing up right before my eyes.
i just can't believe how quickly time flies.
i'm so grateful for teachers who spend so much time
teaching you each day, helping you climb.
i get great reports of your behavior each day.
your teachers all love you, so do the kids, they say.
you are smart, you are kind, you are oh-so-much fun.
year one of preschool was a success!! you're all done!!

congratulations little girl! i'm so proud of you!!