Friday, December 23, 2011

dear santa, volume 5

dear santa, 
hello from new hampshire! i hope that doesn't throw you off this year. i know you're accustomed to me being a california girl, but we opted for a bit of change this year. {now if you could just send some snow....}

speaking of change, i wanted to update you with how well i've adjusted to all that is going on in my life right now. and i think you'll agree wholeheartedly that i should be placed on your "nice" list this year. 

first: i gained some weight. i know. go me! it takes a lot of time and effort for me to gain those L.B.s with how much i run around, but i did it with a little help from pediasure and a LOT of help from mom, dad and my school teachers. i crossed the 30 pound threshold and am currently hovering right around 32. mom and dad are pleased {and they're hoping it will keep the stern nutritionist from the rett study at bay}. 

second: i'm doing great in school. other than some occasional hitting, i get along with all my peers, my para and my teachers. i work hard in speech, physical and occupational therapies, go to the library each week to pick out a new book, get in lots and lots of steps each day and am practicing so hard on my eye gaze. my teacher just got a new iPad and she's having a great time discovering loads of apps that i love - especially ones that include taylor swift. a highlight of school each day is the music room. i love going there with my para to listen to the music and bang, bang, bang on the drum! apparently it's okay to hit that!?

third: i'm learning to climb stairs on my own. let's be honest. i've mastered it. i can do two or three with zero help and with no one looking and will climb all 15 in my house with no assistance other than the bannister so long as mom or dad is behind me. 

fourth: i learned to give high five. this is pretty much dad's favorite. thing. ever. that and my cuddles. those are pretty good too.

fifth: i've weathered the new england cold without a hitch. boots? no problem. coat? no big deal. mittens? hat? a bazillion layers? bring 'em on. 

sixth: i'm getting ready to be a big sister. although i'm certain i know if it's a brother or sister, i insist upon NOT telling mom or dad. i change my mind every day simply to keep it fun. i've been practicing a lot by holding my baby doll anna...and i really do great {so long as you ignore the occasional whack in the face}.

seventh: i'm surviving seizures. i think this should put me on the nice list no matter what, if you want the truth. i'm on some medication to try to stop them and it sometimes makes me a crazy person, but i really think i do well to manage the rage, sleepiness and dizzyness. and sometimes {so long as i'm safe} it even provides comic relief. and maybe mommy likes the extra naps on those super hard days? 

eighth: i'm still really great in the car. we're talking i was in a car for six days straight and basically didn't make a peep. amazing. i know. i'm also really great in grocery carts. my legs are too long to be up in the front now, so i sit in the basket, holding all of mom's goodies. i'm such a good helper.
ninth: my naps are dwindling, but if i wake up early, on most days i'm okay with chilling in my room for quiet time. for most kids this isn't really a feat. but because i can't do anything to entertain myself by myself {other than tell a few hilarious jokes in my head}, it's usually just me and my thoughts...staring at my toys. that's pretty good, huh?

and tenth and final: i'm making progress on my potty chart. after nearly a year long hiatus, i'm starting to make my mom's sticker collection run dry. i go potty nearly every time i'm given the opportunity and have even done that other thing three times in three weeks. which means we've had three parties in the bathroom so far.

to be fair, i'll quickly brief you on my naughty list: 
  • i hit. a lot. and i don't really listen when others tell me to stop. sometimes it's on purpose. sometimes it's not. um, i'll work on it?
  • when i'm at the table eating, i think it's hilarious to whack the food out of mom and dad's hands when they're nearly to my mouth. that, and i love to swipe everything within arm's reach off the table. 
  • i've been waking up waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too early.
  • after 4+ years of no problems whatsoever, i'm having some separation anxiety. but only at home. and only when mom or dad leaves the room. i know they'll be right back. they even tell me where they're going. but the second they're out of sight, i completely lose it. mom says this has gotta stop. we'll see...
  • you'd think there would be more...but my mind is drawing a blank. see? good outweighs bad by more than double. woot woot! 
also, i know i didn't get the chance to see you in person this year, so i decided to dress up like you instead. i like you that much. but if you're wondering, i'd really love that rapunzel doll that we saw at the disney store in new york city last month. it was basically amazing and i can't stop thinking about it. 
thanks mr. claus. 

leah layton, age 4

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

l is for leah

dear little leah, 

you are so lucky to have had fantastic friends throughout your 4.5 years. truly, incredibly fantastic. i've written about some of them before (here, here and here...there are plenty more...). but today i got a little message from the mom of one of your california friends, miss sydney. sydney is in school just like you and she is working on learning her alphabet. today, her homework assignment was to draw a picture of something that starts with L. 

there are Lots of things that start with the letter L, but do you know what she chose?


yup. of all the L words in the entire world, she chose to draw a picture of you. (and your pigtails.) and it made me smile. 

i'm so happy that no matter where we Live, you can know you have wonderful friends who Love you and think about you. 

i Love you, Little Leah Layton (those all start with L!)


Sunday, December 11, 2011

osh kosh

dear little leah, 

today you made me happy. today daddy helped you get dressed for church and do you know what you two chose? the osh kosh jumper that i wore when i was a little girl. and it just made me happy. oh how i loved that jumper, miss leah. i loved it so much i wore it on my first day of kindergarten and in my kindergarten school pictures {yes, i wore it when i was six, not four, but let's not talk about how short i was}. 
 {leah in 2011 and mommy 1987}

and i just hope you love it too. props to daddy for getting you dressed and doing your hair {ribbons and all} so beautifully for church. not so many props to seizures for making you go home from church early so some people didn't have a chance to see you in all your osh kosh glory.

i sure love you, little leah. and i love little moments like this. moments i dreamed about sharing with my little girl that are finally coming true. 

love you. 

p.s. are you jealous of my scrunched socks and white tennis shoes? i promise they were cool.