Tuesday, April 19, 2011

i told you we had great friends

dear little leah, 
your dad and i jetted off to new hampshire last weekend to check out our soon-to-be stomping grounds. you know that. you spent three nights having sleepovers with a few of your sweet little friends under the care of their amazingly generous parents. um, i guess you know that too. but, the fact that we can leave you for an entire long weekend and not even fret is a feeling i can't even describe. when you were first diagnosed i really wondered if your dad and i would ever be able to travel again at all - let alone leave you with someone else while we did so! 

if you're wondering, i'm 110 percent certain you had more fun at home than you would have had on our red eye flight, freezing "spring" weather {it snowed and hailed while we were there!}, and delayed flight that turned into nearly 12 hours on the way home. 

we got great texts and picture updates throughout the weekend that helped us to be at ease and also made us smile and miss you oh-so-much. 

hot tubbin' it with em, syd and aubo {yes, you're giving em kisses}
 nice {lack of} coordination on the facial expressions, girls. guess we packed the wrong swimsuit otherwise you could have been triplets!
 swinging with miss emery - apparently you both thoroughly enjoyed the ride
 i'm glad no one else knows what to do with your braced arms on the swings either.
 twinner jammies with syndey
 snuggling up in your ever-popular blow up bed with waverly and emerson. apparently waverly followed you around all weekend calling out "eah! eah!"
 modeling your "yo yo's" before church with emerson

sunday, while dad and i were waiting for our plane at the boston logan airport, i got the following email from one of these sweet friends and i thought you might enjoy it.

Hey Maren,

I hope you had a good trip and get to catch up on some sleep tonight.  The jet lag from coast to coast can be terrible.  Leah was such an angel this weekend.  I was actually very sad to drop her off at Jaimi's.  Just wanted to share with you a few things that I learned about Leah this weekend.

1. She thinks it's hilarious when I sneeze, even if it's the 20th time I sneeze, it's still just as funny as the first time.
2. She really, really, really likes Ritz crackers.  She seriously ate half a sleeve of Ritz crackers at the park on Friday.
3. She doesn't mind sharing her swing with Emery.  She seemed to love being able to combine two of her favorite things, swinging and babies.
4. She makes really cute sighing and humming noises when she's falling asleep.
5. She definitely prefers the pool over the hot tub.
6. She loves to give Emery kisses.  Emery's head bore the evidence all weekend (so cute).
7. She's a good sharer, she happily allows two other toddlers to snuggle with her in bed.
8. She loves chocolate pudding and boy does she get excited over a cheeseburger.
9. She can move those little legs of hers so fast.  She kept up with the quickest of them during Music Makers.  I think she really enjoyed herself.
10. She's one darling, lovable and smiley little girl. 

Okay, I already knew that last one.  Thanks for trusting your little one with us this weekend.  We had a blast.  I really hope Leah has as much fun as we did.  


i love you little leah. thanks for being a sweetheart this weekend. and thanks for being so cute. that helps too.


Monday, April 11, 2011

just call me a slacker

go ahead. i deserve it. just call me a slacker. a month and a half with no letter to my little leah!? it's absurd, i know. because i'm such a slacker, you might never have known that you...

got a haircut, 
 had a birthday,
 dressed up a bazillion times with your friends,
 got sick,
 rocked the rain gear,
 went to work with dad,
 got caught looking at inappropriate menswear at the store,
 had lots of picnics with mom in the front room while it rained,
 had a birthday party {yes, a month late}
 had your four year checkup {and only cried one tear after your immunizations!},
 watched lots of march madness with dad,
 practiced dressing in winter gear in preparation for your move to new england,
 fell asleep in funny places,
 became impatient when mom didn't feed you fast enough, taking matters into your own hands {or mouth?},
 played the wii with dad,
 chased your new bubble bug,
 smelled the pretty flowers,
 were the cutest green leprechaun we've ever seen,
 had your third visit at the natural history study in oakland {this time with dr. nuel},
 sabotaged mom's emails on multiple occasions {you think it's hilarious to haphazardly whack the keyboard},
got you first pair of flip flops,
swam like a fish for your first {and second} pool days of the year,
and fell asleep in more funny places.
really, it's been a fun-filled month. we've jumped in puddles and jumped in pools. grown a year older and blown a year's worth of boogers. fought a fever and partied and played. sorry to slack off on you miss leah. it shouldn't happen again. thanks for putting up with me, sweetheart. 

i love you bunches!