Friday, October 8, 2010

no. 8: happy birthday to me

dear little leah,

today is my birthday. um, i like my birthday. it's not really a secret. but thanks for playing along. you were super sweet and cuddly this morning and you helped me make yummy scone dough. then when i picked you up from school, you said {with your expressive eyes, of course}, "mom. i'd really hate for you to have to come home and prepare my lunch on your birthday. that's a lot of work. plus, i'm usually messy, so then you'd have to clean the floor and the counter. and then you'd have to do the dishes. so, to save you from all that effort on this, your special day, i'd like to take you out to eat."

well now, if i didn't raise a kind daughter, i'm not sure who did! that was so thoughtful of you, miss leah! so off to lunch we subway. because we like it and your daddy doesn't, so we always have to eat there when he's not with us. we both got flat bread sandwiches, which, might i add, are PERFECT because they are softer and flatter, so your little mouth fits around them and bites into them relatively nicely! hooray!

you are currently sleeping soundly in your bed {i think} and have been doing so for about an hour and a half. hooray!

later, you'll be my best buddy and help me clean the house {um, didn't your eyes tell me you wanted to do that too?}. we'll wipe all of your little handprints off the mirrors and tables and the television set so the house is sparkling for my party tonight. and, since you've been such a lovely girl, i'll let you stay up to eat a scone and a root beer float. how's that for a sweet deal? see, my birthday isn't all that bad.

i love you bunches. thanks for keeping the balloons company in the backseat today. they would have been mighty lonely without you.


p.s. tell daddy all i want for my birthday is a card from you. seriously. not like last year where i said that and i still haven't received a card for my 28th year. you tell him. he'll help you. and if he does, maybe he'll escape being in trouble all year? it's worth a shot.


  1. bean gives the BEST cards... that's all I want too. happy birthday beah's mom:)