Monday, May 9, 2011

leah's mother...

dear little leah, 
one of my favorite parts about mother's day - even before you made me a mother - was hearing and reading all of the funny things young children had to say about their moms. our church congregation often prints a program of what kids have to say about their moms and it is sometimes tears-rolling-down-your-cheek funny. last year, i realized i would most likely never know what funny things you had to say about me because you can't communicate with words or signing like most kids can. 

but i was wrong, little leah. oh so wrong. 

in church yesterday, they did print an insert in the program and you said you loved the bows i put in your hair each week. i knew it. i knew the fits you throw each and every morning were all for show. you're such a faker! and, so, we will continue to comb your hair daily. thanks for letting me know. 

you also made a bookmark with all sorts of fill-in-the-blank information about me. and boy did it make me laugh. {okay, so i know your helper and teacher actually filled it out, but i'm sure you helped them??} 

in case you can't see the picture clearly, it reads:
"My Mother...Is 23 Years Old and Weighs 100 Pounds; She LOVES to Eat chocolate But HATES to Eat brussell sprouts. Her Favorite Season of the Year is spring, and Her Most Favorite Holiday is Valentine's day. She Likes to Spend Her Money on shoes, but doesn't Like Spending Money on car repairs. If She Could Go Anywhere in the World She Would Go to Europe. But the Best Thing About MY Mom, is That She is MY Mom! XOXO HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY MOM!"

Now let's clarify:
  • i am not 23. not that i wouldn't love to have people think i look that young, but i don't look that young nor did i give birth to you at age 19.
  • i am not 100 lbs. but thank you. really, truly, thank you. 
  • i actually don't love chocolate. not a big temptation for me. gummy things? pie? now we're talkin'. 
  • i LOVE brussell sprouts. in fact, we had them for mother's day dinner. 
  • i don't love spring. well, it's not that i don't love it, but i don't love how it teases me. hot? cold? snow? rain? just make up your mind! i love autumn, leah. autumn. 
  • as for valentine's day. way wrong. i have never loved valentine's day. but, lucky me, it's you dad's birthday, so we get to celebrate him instead! yay for daddy!!
  • you do get three points, however. i do love buying shoes. i do not like spending money on car repairs {that was brilliantly safe, now wasn't it?} and i would go to did you know!? :)
i guess i don't have to worry about missing out on those funny things you'll say, huh? thanks for making mother's day #5 so great. 

love you, little leah. 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

and we'll never know why

dear little leah, 

you threw a doozy this weekend. a serious tantrum. and i will never know why. ah, well. lucky for us, it was at stanford campus right as an auditorium full of parents and new undergrad admits were being let out of a session. that was a nice welcome to standford for them, don't you think?

luckily you redeemed yourself in your beautiful cherry dress watching tangled and eating snacks on the couch with dad today. {dad was also enthralled with the movie, contrary to what this picture might show.}

we still love you.