Sunday, October 17, 2010

no. 17: then and now...

dear little leah,

a few weeks back, i saw this photo challenge to re-create, if you will, old pictures. just comparing the then with the now. i really like this idea and i've done it with my siblings on a few occasions. but i just ran across the cutest comparison of you.

pink dolly.

you love this thing. pink dolly can bring a smile to your face almost any day. you used to wiggle your finger into her looped tag and only then settle in for the night. you look at her longingly at night and you try you best to pick her up as often as you can. even though you can only hold on for a second or two, i can tell you are pleased. her rattle is still in tact and brings a smile to my face every time i hear it - because her sound is how i know your hands have succeeded.

her body is tattered and thin. her face is worn and ripped. her entire right hand is missing, despite my efforts to reattach it. her color has faded. her body is limp. and yet she is still so full of life. she's been with us through thick and thin. happy and sad. good and bad.

i love pink dolly then...and now.

and i love you, little leah. then...and now.



  1. leah and mack are very much alike. pink dolli is a fan here too.

  2. I'm sooooo glad I found pink dolly - I keep searching for another like her and so far, no success. I think maybe she is a one and only.

  3. oh, i found one on ebay and it's resting safely in my drawer. but it looks SO different than pink dolly i don't think it could ever work. we would have had to make the switch periodically starting way in the beginning. :/