Saturday, April 3, 2010

you walker, you

dear little leah,

one year ago today, you took you first, real, unassisted steps...and kept going! and you haven't stopped since.

can you even believe it's been one year!?

it took you more than two years to get there, but you did it.

i'd can't say i look back on that second year of your life and laugh about it now. i can't say i wish i would have taken the advice of others and relaxed or not worried so much because you would "walk when you're ready." i'm actually glad i didn't take their advice. i'm glad i stuck to the feeling i had that something really wasn't right. we all {including you!} worked so hard to get you walking...and i think we did it just in time. it was within months of you walking that other things started to fall off the radar screen. i think had you not been mobile then, there's a good chance you wouldn't be running in and out of my bedroom right now.

you're a great walker. you're a great runner. your steps have so much life and bounce in them. daddy loves the way your bum wiggles to and fro as we watch your backside leave a room. i love watching you appear out of thin air as you run from one place to the next...and disappear just as quickly.

first thing in the morning when we get you out of your crib, you run. in fact, you run IN your crib. and don't think we can't hear you. we know you're not sleeping. our apartment isn't that big.

i love you, little leah. i love that you put so much effort into getting yourself mobile. it was hard work, but it was worth it. you're stronger than i can ever hope to be. here's to one year!!

i love you.


p.s. for your viewing pleasure...a video of you taking your first steps: april 3, 2009 AND a video of you march 2010 running like a mad woman. this is what you normally look like...and i love the fall. you're like a cat. you always fall gracefully and climb right back up {with a friendly little slap on the ottoman}.