Monday, October 18, 2010

no. 18: oh! she means fat!

dear little leah, 

when your aunt kelli was little, she was kind of a picky eater. and when i say kind of, i really mean she would only eat tacos, olives and pepperoni pizza {uh oh, sailor}. 

my mom {your grandma} handled the situation quite well, if you ask me. kelli was required to try everything my mom prepared {just like the rest of us}, but i don't remember her ever forcing her to eat anything after that. one night at dinner, we were having some sort of meat and kelli refused to eat it. surprise, surprise. my mom patiently asked her why she didn't want to eat it and, after much prodding, kelli replied, "i don't want to eat the thin!" none of us had any idea what she was talking about and so my mom continued to patiently wait...until someone finally figured out that kelli meant the fat! she didn't want to eat the fat. my mom quickly cut off the piece of fat kelli was referring to and, if i remember correctly, your aunt ate at least her one required bite of dinner that night. 

i'm trying to be equally as patient as my mom was. and, to give you a lot of credit, you are quite a good eater. you will try almost everything i give you - even if you do end up spitting it out. but my problem is, i think i have to feed you the thin.  i mean the fat.

i know you don't want it. and i really don't want your heart to stop from streaming saturated fat into your arteries. so i'm trying to find the healthy fats, but that's hard! right now your diet is the same as before, only topped with butter, cheese and avocados. i try to sneak in a few nuts here and there and we've switched your milk intake to creamy vitamin d {i never knew milk really could leave a mustache until this week - your old pal skim never does that!}.

it's a start. 

so i'm sorry if you don't like the thin, but i'm putting my foot down. six pounds in six months - just like when you were one. we can do this. 

i love you, little leah. 

p.s. aunt kelli's going to kill me for printing this story, so let's tell her it was your idea, ok?


  1. cute story! i have also struggled with sarah's weight. we went to whole milk, lots of butter, carnation instant breakfast, cheese on everything-lol. it helped some, stopped the losing of pounds anyway. good luck!

  2. Sooo, thats where you get your patience!! You are such a calm, patient person, what a great momma you are - I wish to be that patient with my kiddos! We do the "thin" here too! Full Fat Sour Cream, 4% fat cottage cheese (yes, they make it!), and lots and lots and lots of olive oil! I have 2 girly's below the charts and I swear they are plotting to secretly make me fat!! :) You can do the 1 pound a month Leah!! Eat up Girl!!

  3. it's okay bean. sometimes the good kinda of thin is good for you, i mean fat. you've got yourself a good momma to help you stay healthy:)

  4. I'm so glad kelli is forgiving . . . I anticipated her saying, "mom, make her shut up!" Luv you guys.