Saturday, October 16, 2010

no. 16: giggle monster

dear little leah, 

they say children laugh hundreds of times each day. adults? only 10-20 on average. i think that held true until you came into my life. yes, you do laugh hundreds of times each day. but every time i hear you laugh, it makes me laugh, so i KNOW i laugh more than 20 times a day. 

i absolutely, one hundred percent love your giggle. it is beautiful and perfect and incredibly contagious. you laugh at people {and mean no harm}. you laugh with people. you laugh at yourself. you laugh at nothing at all. you are constantly laughing. 

this weekend has been no exception. yesterday, you found our rental car uproariously funny. today, our family photo shoot was down right hilarious {thank goodness for that!}. apparently bedtime was pretty amusing too. those darn pajamas, i tell ya. 

here are some videos of you laughing in october 2007, october 2008 and october 2010. we've omitted october 2009 because there wasn't much laughing going on at our house that month. remember? 

oh, but i'm so glad the giggles are back. thanks for making me laugh too. 



  1. that is awesome.. 2008 was a fantastic giggle. and look what a big girl she has turned in to!!! love you beah!

  2. oh i love that laugh. especially those deep gut ones. so great!

  3. this post put a BIG smile on my face :)

  4. love it! we had a giggly lady here tonight too, but we missed it! love the giggles.

  5. This made me laugh and tear up all at the same time. Love her giggles!