Thursday, October 21, 2010

no. 20: back to school

dear little leah,
today i went to parent-teacher conference with your sweet teacher, miss jenn. i see her twice every weekday, but it was nice to sit down and chat about you for nearly an hour. i don't think it was supposed to last that long, but we had things to talk about and she was willing! so talk we did.

she's a new teacher at the school this year, and your fourth teacher in six months. that's a lot of change and you have done beautifully! miss jenn mentioned that when she first found out you'd be in her class, she didn't know what to expect. she'd heard of rett syndrome, but only briefly, and had no idea what to do with you! she said she read parts of the rett bible and and something really struck her. it said that you would get as much from her as she was willing to give. it was then that she became less afraid of rett syndrome and more committed to giving you her all.

and she's done a great job! she has tried her best to adapt everything they do in class for you. she works with eye gaze consistently and gives you opportunities to "speak" just as much as all the other kids. she is getting better every day at recognizing your communication techniques. she's on board with trying to time train you on the potty. she's interested in high-tech communication devices to really get you going. she gets such thrills when you succeed and doesn't give up if you don't.

it was a great meeting, miss leah. you would know, you were there - running around eating my apples and giving us both nice kisses. i'm very impressed with all your hard work this year. you love learning and being at school {which isn't much of a surprise considering your double dose of nerds for parents} - and i know they love having you there. and that makes it so much easier to let you go every morning.

i love you, little leah.

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  1. I'm so happy that Leah has such a great teacher. It makes all the difference in the world. Good job, Leah, for the great report from your teacher!