Thursday, October 14, 2010

no. 14: falling

dear little leah,

just a quick thought today about how much i hate it when you fall. you did it three times today. well, just once, because the other two times i caught you as your entire body went limp.

we were super nervous about these falls a little while ago. the first time i noticed, we were at the children's museum amidst hundreds of {what seemed to be} normal kids. you went into this little room with the lights dimmed and a light spinning around the center projecting images onto the wall. it was kind of strobe-light-ish. all of a sudden, i heard a thud and you were spread eagle on the floor. you were limp for a few minutes and then back to normal. completely normal. as it nothing at all had just happened.

at first we thought they might be drop seizures. now we think they aren't. thank goodness. it appears that you just lose the tone in your body and you fall. usually, someone is nearby and can catch you. you're getting really smart to hold onto someone or something when you feel it coming on. if you don't, i'm getting pretty good at spotting them in the early stages before you totally lose tone and fall.

but i still hate it. three times today, leah. three times you fell limp in my arms and went somewhere else for a few moments. then you came back. you always come back. i'm so grateful for that.

i love you bunches, little leah.

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  1. this makes me sad bean. but like your mom said, i too, am glad you always come back. i love you bean. can't wait to see you in two weeks!