Thursday, September 30, 2010

hip hip!

dear little leah, 

today today was a great day! 

{as my college accounting professor would say, "i said to my self, 'self! great day!'".}
a really, truly, great day. 

you were just bubbly all day. dancing and bouncing all morning. you were very vocal and your teachers said you said, "no" at least four times and they were appropriate and meaingful. you also said, "mom!" when you saw me and "yum" when miss jenn gave you something yummy to eat. 

i love hearing that little voice of yours. 

we watered the plants when we got home and you stomped and sat in the puddles, ran yourself ragged and had a grand old time. 

i love when i know you're enjoying yourself.  and i love when you run.

you ate a stellar lunch and took an even more impressive nap. 

i love when you eat and sleep as you should. 

as we left the house to go to your playdate, you stepped off the front step all by yourself. and then you did it three more times. we've been working on that for so long, it makes me happy to see your confidence with new skills.

i love when you learn new things. 

at your playdate you watched your two busy boyfriends run around like rascals outside their house. you sat by rach to give her company...for 15 minutes!

i love when you sit. 

we had dinner together, just the two of us. you humored me and ate half of your grilled chicken sandwich. i know you don't like all the food i make, but you usually give it a try. 
i love when you humor me.

on our way to get daddy from work, you sat in your first-class seat and smiled. no screams, no slobbers, no scratches. just smiles. 
i love when you smile. 

aaaaaaaaaand, you did all of this, all day long, without your brace. your hands were fantastically still for most of the day. 

i love when your sweet hands are still. 

i didn't get to put you to bed because i was teaching piano, but dad said it was successful. no crying. no stalling. just cuddling and sleeping. 

i love when you cuddle. and i love when you sleep. 

thanks, sweet girl, for all your hard work. these good days are sometimes few and far between but you can be sure i don't take them for granted. know why?

because i love you. 



  1. What a wonderful post. And what an amazing day for Leah! This just makes me so happy. Maybe she was celebrating the fact that Rett Syndrome won lots of money for research.

  2. where's the "love" button for this one:) yay for good days. i, too, love that little voice of yours bean.