Monday, September 27, 2010

potty jamba

dear little leah, 

congrats on filling up line no. 2 of your potty chart. you've done pretty good! and if you haven't, most likely it was my fault for not giving you enough opportunities. i tend to forget about it with your silence and all.

line no. 1's prize was beautiful, sparkly princess stickers. and, surprisingly enough, you chose those beautiful, sparkly princess stickers to fill up line no. 2 and earn you a much-anticipated "potty jamba." i did my best to not sample your prize and am proud to say that you ate 9/10ths before you decided you were done. and i happily drank the dregs. 

you did well with the straw at first, but then just weren't getting enough. so we switched to the spoon. i tried my best to be quick, but you let me know when i wasn't fast enough {including that one time i took a picture of your spot-on eye gaze}. 

we're well into line no. 3 and i dare say you've caught on. when you do go potty, you look directly at the chart with a glimmer in your eyes. 

love you bunches, little girl. 


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