Wednesday, September 1, 2010

a brand new year...

dear little leah,

just got back from vacation, you and i. and while we're on the subject, thanks for being an A-number-one traveler. superb. fantastic. amazing. really, you deserve a prize. i'll think of something...

the day you got back, you started a brand new school year: your first full year that will be spent at the SAME school with the SAME teacher for the entire year. phew.

miss jenn is your new teacher and she seems really great. she's read all about you and rett syndrome and has had great questions for me each day this week. this makes me feel like she wants to learn more about you and how your little body works. i'm also starting to get some great ideas from other brilliant mommies who have girls just like you. phew again!

i got so nervous wondering how you would do with new teachers and aides and kids in your class. so nervous, in fact, that i forgot i already knew exactly how you'd do! obviously, you'd do great. you always do. you're so easy going. you love people. and you love school. you make these silly transitions so easy on me. thanks for that.

so, here's to a new school year. and a new first-day-of-school photo in front of our cute, blue garage door. if you're curious as to why your pig tails are wet and dragging instead of dry and bubbly like usual? it's because you and mommy drove {well, you sat...mommy drove} 12+ hours the day before and got home at 1:30am. thus, the only time for a bath was right before going to school. and, if you're wondering about your new school outfit? the skirt is cute and i love the way the little bobbles flip flop back and forth as your bum shakes when you run...but the plain white and slightly stained shirt is due to the fact that all your summer clothes were either 1} dirty from vacation or 2} squished from being in a suitcase for 36 hours and all your new school clothes are too fall-ish for this 100 degree weather. good thing you're so darn cute...wet hair, plain shirts and all.

i love you to the moon and back! can't wait to see all you learn this year!!



  1. Leah, I bet you were the prettiest girl at school! Love the skirt and need to know where you got those great shoes!!

  2. kohl's, i think? they're jumping bean brand or something like that. she's asleep in her room right now, but i can figure it out tomorrow. they're great and sturdy...and super easy to get on and off. :)

  3. BEAUTIFUL just like her mommy and I best going to LOVE this school year. I am so glad her teacher seems open to learning abour Rett Syndrome - that is half the battle. Of course whe nyo uare so stinkin adorable like Leah - EVERYONE is gonna fall right in love which makes for a smoother transition too! (and i must say, we had those shoes in pink- yep got them at Kohls!!) Hugs to the Layton girls!