Monday, January 30, 2012


dear little leah, 

you went poop. and potty. lots and lots of times. in the POTTY. congratulations miss! it was a rough year, but near the end, you really got the hang of it and seemed to be pretty pleased with your ability to control something in your body.

potty chart #3 earned you a date ice skating with dad on january 3rd. {i tagged along to snap some pictures, but i left the skating and strolling up to the both of you.} i think dad was nearly as excited as you {okay, maybe more} and you both had such a great time. we hope to take you again soon...on real skates. 

as for potty chart #4, you're basically rocking it right now. and you plan to have all 80 boxes stuffed full with stickers by your birthday. and i'm all for it. 

you, my friend, are amazing. and i love you. to the moon and back. 



  1. little leah, this post made my day. You are such a big girl and are continuing to amaze everyone with all you can do. I love you more than I can show you. can't wait to see you in a few months.

  2. AWESOME! awesome awesome awesome awesome!