Sunday, January 1, 2012


dear little leah, 

well, there you go again. growing up before my eyes. i cannot believe it. i have a ctr. you're not a baby. you're not a toddler in nursery. you're not even the littlest one as a sunbeam anymore. you're in the big leagues now. a CTR!!! 

on your first day of class at church, your teachers gave you a lesson on what, exactly, ctr means: choose the right. and they gave you a little ring as a reminder. i remember getting the same little ring when i was just about your age too, miss ribbons. your teachers are wonderful, though, and they weren't sure if they should put the ring on your finger or not because they didn't want it to hurt you. and, with your busy fingers, i think they made the right choice. they they go - choosing the right

but, we came up with a solution {thanks grandma hauley!}: we put it on a chain and you get to wear your ctr ring on a necklace each sunday. 

i just love it. and i just love you. i love that you are learning and growing and doing new things every day that surprise me and amaze me and bring me to my knees in gratitude. your days are hard, that's for sure. but you get through with a smile on your face, a gleam in your eye, and now...with a new, big girl ring on your finger neck.
next thing i know you'll just grow up and turn 5 on me. 

love you, miss ribbons. 

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