Tuesday, June 22, 2010

big girl potty

{don't worry - this isn't you.}

dear little leah,

hip hip hooray! today you went potty on the big girl potty. we've practiced a lot, but usually you get too fidgety before you actually have to go.

but today, you did it!

i let out a big "yay leah!" to which you responded with a very loud shriek of excitement and probably the biggest grin i've seen on your face to date. it was enormous.

in case you're wondering: no, you won't ever be potty trained. mostly because you can't get your clothes off and yourself onto the potty. but we're hoping to 'time train' you. that way, you can learn to hold your potty and we will help you go at certain times every day. much better for you. much better for me {or anyone else doing the diaper changing, for that matter}.

but we're on our way.

i'm so proud of you!

i love you to the moon and back!



  1. great job, Leah! Keep us posted in the time training thing. Abby has trouble not wetting her diaper, but does well in the other department. I'm always looking for tips.

  2. thats awesome! we need tips too-4 yrs of diapers and mommy is LAZY!