Wednesday, July 21, 2010

hush-a-bye leah

dear little leah,

what is it with you and sleep? i just can't figure you out. i'm not really going to complain because your sleep habits now are indescribably better than they were 9 months ago. but is it really necessary to wake up at 5am? and is it really necessary to scream and cry every time you wake up, no matter if you are happy or sad?

i'll answer those questions for you. no. not necessary.

in an effort to get you to sleep a bit longer, we bring you into bed with us after you wake up at 5am. this usually gets you another 2 hours of sleep. i promised myself i would never let my kids sleep with me. but let's be honest. you're a different kind of situation. and, it means i get to sleep for 2 more hours. so, pre-child promises?...out the window.
plus, you're so cuddly in the morning.

and the past few days you've been a little better. after running you ragged at parks and pools, you slept until 8am three days in a row. and today you fell asleep on the potty {more on that later}.

i'd like to say i'll figure you out one day. but i just don't think i will. i think you're just silly and you like to keep me on my toes...even when i'm trying to sleep.

but sleep or not i still love you, sweet cheeks. to the moon and back. just keep those cuddles comin'.


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