Sunday, June 20, 2010

my daddy

{leah here. i hijacked the blog.
i know this is used for letters written to me.
but really, it's my blog.
and today i want to write a letter to my daddy.}

my daddy is great. he's my favorite guy.
he tackles me then throws me up to the sky.
he builds great, tall towers for me to knock down.
he helps me to smile when i just want to frown.
he rocks me and helps me to calm down each night.
he makes me feel safe so i don't feel any fright.
my daddy is proud to tell others i'm his.
when it comes to finance, my daddy's a whiz.
he looks manly in spandex as he rides on his bike.
he likes to make meals and treats that i like.
he works hard all day at his big office job.
then comes home to clean up mom's messes {she's a slob}.
he takes me on walks, pushes me on the swings.
i love all the laughter to life that he brings.
he brushes my hair and picks out my clothes.
he gives me big kisses and tickles my toes.
he helps me in the tub to get squeaky clean.
i simply adore being his little leah bean.

happy father's dad, daddy! i love you.


  1. Hurray for Ryan! What a great daddy. No wonder Leah likes him so much.

  2. thanks leah beah! i'm so glad you're my little angel.