Thursday, June 10, 2010

do you believe in magic?

dear little leah,

i'm not sure how you do it. you must be magic. i wrap your arm brace as firmly as i can without constricting blood flow and somehow, somehow, you always seem to find a way to make it gracefully fling right off you arm. it is incredible.multiple times a day, i find you in one room and your brace and grip in another.i understand you love to give your dolly kisses and you love to grab for your sippy cup or anything that will make a mess at your own convenience, and the brace being on your left hand really cramps your style. but you can't fool me. i know you like the brace. i know you don't like to have your fingers in your mouth at all times every single day. i know you don't like rotten-smelling fingers and thumbs with sores on them.

i'm learning, though. i'm figuring out ways to wrap that brace tight enough without mangling your arm in the process.

magic is no match for mommy, little leah. no match at all.

love you.



  1. Reagan is a pro at this as well! I am truly amazed some days at her perserverence just to get the arm brace(s) off!

  2. This made me laugh out loud. My Niece, BCW, did the same thing....

  3. Yep! My daughter (Allison Crow Flangin's niece) was a pro at this! My mother-in-law made her so many pretty ones, just like the ones we bought online. She had one to wear in a wedding when she was five and I think it stayed for awhile.

    We had Christmas ones and beach ones and sillly ones and strawberry ones, and they've all ended up on the floor and she is laughing at us.

    I say she 'was' a pro because we gave up! She doesn't have the open sores as much so we let her off the hook most of the time (she is 8).