Tuesday, March 30, 2010

one hundred three

dear little leah,

today you were so still.

and i mean really, really still.

we went to church and you just sat in my arms all cozied up. your hands were in the SAME position for the entire hour. {and if i could just figure out how to get a picture off my phone, i'd show you the proof.}

then i took you to nursery. usually you just love nursery. you're one dense ball of energy {little, but a lot} wandering the room for 2 straight hours. when today i put you down, you just hugged my leg. so...i took you to the table and we colored. you let me help you color. that is so not normal. when we finished, you just SAT in the chair for 10 minutes. also not normal. so i picked you up and we cuddled for the next 40 minutes or so until we dropped you off with daddy and all the other guys. he said you fell asleep in his arms. again, so not normal.

when we got home, you took an okay nap and woke up with a bit more energy. so, we went to dinner at jeff and sarah's {mmm ribs and potatoes}. you ran around with jack just like normal, so we thought you were on the mend.

then we took you to the park. you played for a bit with daddy, but then just wanted to cuddle, so he wrapped you up in a blanket and there you sat for about an hour! you started to feel kind of warm, so when we got you home, we took your temperature.


yes, that's right. one hundred three degrees fahrenheit and your mother didn't even know.

so, we called the advice nurse {ahem, grandma hauley} and she reaffirmed my thought to put you in a lukewarm tub. i know what you're thinking: "THAT TUB WAS NOT LUKEWARM! YOU MADE ME SWIM IN ICE CUBES!" the aforementioned advice nurse used to make me swim in ice cubes when i was little too {she will deny it to this day}, but it works. you were back down to 98 when we got you out of the tub. we called a friend to come over so he could help daddy give you a blessing.

that's when you yacked. all over yourself and me. three times. poor steve just sat there patiently while we put you back in the tub and changed your clothes and blanket. daddy gave you a blessing and steve went home.

then you ralphed again. twice. so we changed your clothes and blanket again.

then it happened again. twice. so we changed you again.

you hadn't eaten all day, so there was really nothing to throw up. you looked so weak and tired.

the tub was full of your not-so-sweet smelling clothes and blankets and you were still feeling kind of warm, so we went and watched some movies on the couch. when you had consistently been about 99 degrees, we put you to bed.

poor thing.

you stayed home from school on monday and still wouldn't eat, but your temperature was back to normal and you were not so still.

i'm sad you were sick, but i have to admit i love that you were so still. you looked so calm and at peace - not tormented by those constantly moving hands or a body you can't control. you just sat. and cuddled. and rested. i'm sorry it had to take a temperature of 103 to help you rest. next time i promise to catch it before it gets that high. that way we can avoid the icy bath.

and maybe, just maybe, you can try a cuddle or two when you're feeling your best? just a thought.

love you.

p.s. loving our new quick forehead thermometer. probably a top 10 purchase to date.


  1. oh leah beah. i'm sorry you were sick. but cuddly leah is very fun for mommy and daddy. i'm glad you are feeling better:) i love you! ps. tell your mommy she's welcome for aunt kb telling her to buy the quick forehead thermometer:)

  2. Poor thing. Hopefully she is now on the mend. Don't feel bad, We did the same thing with Abby last year. We had a very busy day, a day that I would not have expected Abby to handle well, but she did..too well. She was super sweet, calm, sleepy. It was actually very nice. By the time we got home, however, her temp was 103.