Tuesday, March 23, 2010

home again home again jiggity jig

dear little leah,

welcome back. we missed you the past two weeks. you and your naps and your giggles and wonderfulness.

you've been kind of mean. and kind of tired. and kind of mean. oh, and kind of tired too.

but today you came back! we welcomed you with open arms.

today you said "puh, puh" when grandma said, "P is for..."

today you tinkled into the big girl potty {so says grandma... and i'm happy to take her word for it!!}.

today we had a dance party. that was some gooood dancin'.

today you loved school.

today you gave great kisses and hugs and smiles.

today you went up and down the steps like a champ.

today you babbled like it was nobody's business.

today...you came back!! thanks. you {the today version of you} are welcome here any time.

love you bunches.


p.s. yes, i know the pictures are blurry. our dancing is just too good for grandma's camera.
p.p.s. you might be wondering if you'll ever have moves like me. i think you will. one day. just be patient. those kinds of skills take a long time to perfect. but it'll happen.

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  1. I wish I had taken video of that great dancing. Loved spending the week with you guys. It will be a week I treasure for a long time. Luv you.