Friday, June 8, 2012

last day of preschool

Dear Little Leah, 

Well, you did it. After three different schools, five teachers and three years, you are done with preschool. Well, except for a few weeks of summer term in July. But hip hip hooray for you! You, my friend, are off to Kindergarten. It's hard to believe just how much you've grown in the past three years. {I promise I didn't do your hair the same way on purpose.}

Your last day of Beginnings Preschool was full of celebration. You and your classmates performed all sorts of impressive songs and dances and then we all got to go outside and eat ice cream. 

Your last day of Foundations Preschool was a little less celebratory, but we did get to come and sing with you at the school wide morning sing 

and treat your teachers and therapists with a small and very inadequate thank you for all they have done. You, grandma and I had fun baking the cookies the night before. Grandma even let you lick the beaters.

And then you rode the bus home. We couldn't help ourselves. It's just too cute.

You have worked hard, Miss Ribbons, and my has it paid off. 

I love you bunches. 


Preschool 2011-2012
Teacher: Ms. Martin
Para: Ms. Lexi
OT: Mrs. Wendy
SLP: Ms. Susan
PT: Ms. Kris


  1. Oh, leah. You were soooo little when you started pre-school. And now you're so grown up! I love you!

  2. Hi Leah's mom :)
    I came across your blog last night and couldn't help but read. It is beautiful, real and encouraging. I am well to be honest not sure where we are at in the Rett syndrome world.?? My daughter is 2 1/2 and shows so many of the signs of a child with Rett syndrome. She was tested last summer for it but results came back negative. To be honest I didn't think she had it back then either. We have just recently seen a new DR and dove back into the idea that our daughter may have Rett's. We have researched it so much and now I know that this is what she has whether the tests say she does or not.

    I just wanted to thank you. Thank you for sharing your experience's good and bad. My daughter seems very similar to your beautiful Leah and I found so much hope and encouragement from your blog. This may sound odd but if you wouldn't mind I would like to maybe email you. I have so many questions. This is a whole new world that I really have no clue what I am doing. I just want to do what's best and most helpful for my daughter. Thanks so much!!
    Jaymie Maughan