Tuesday, November 2, 2010

all for nothin'

dear little leah, 

we worked hard all month to fatten you up. one pound. that's all i wanted. you did great. you ate everything i gave you. 

and then you got sick. 

and didn't eat anything for four days

so much for trying to fatten you up. 

here's to hoping the two hamburgers we gave you last weekend and the quesadilla {with extra cheese}, dipped in avocado and ranch dressing {made with full fat mayo and vitamin d milk} for tonight's dinner will work wonders. 

love you, little leah. 



  1. dear bean, you can have some of my fat. love, e.

  2. Last week, I was scratching Callie's back as she was falling asleep. I could SEE the ribs in her back! Yikes! I mean, I know the kid is skinny, but that made me want to fatten the chickpoo up. So, I'm starting on the same stuff...I buttered the inside and outside of her grilled cheese, bought avocados that were on sale, put some cream in her milk. I mean, I'm not usually a fan of adding saturated fat to add calories, but kids NEED fat for their brains and bodies. So, I'm starting the the fatten-up-my-kid challenge with you!:)