Tuesday, May 25, 2010

home sweet home

dear little leah,

oh how i missed you! i'm so happy you had such a fun time with grandma and grandpa. grandma told me you were indispensable at helping her get around town {well, you and the garmin}. she told me all about your search for presents in the mornings, your happy days at school and your long walks and drives in the afternoons. she also told me you weren't a stellar sleeper. that's so weird! i could've sworn...

oh well.

thank you for your sweet welcome home sign. i can tell you worked very hard on it. i'm so proud of how well you are learning to color with your crayon strap. i know it's not easy, but your masterpieces are beyond words!and thank you for being so snuggly the past few days. i know part of it is because you're sick, but i'll take the cuddles either way.i love you bunches. thanks for letting me slip away so i could come back refreshed and ready to be your mom again.



  1. awww...cuddly baby girls are the best!

  2. Hi Leah...It was an amazing experience spending this Summer with you. You have touched my heart. You are a beautiful little "miss fashion" girl. Thank you for the great happy silly moments.

    Pattie :)