Wednesday, May 5, 2010

big girl bed!!

dear little leah,

i didn't want to jinx it, but it's been almost a month, so i think i'm safe.

you graduated!! you sleep in a big girl bed! yippeeeeeeee!i was actually surprised with how easily the transition went. you still get out every once in awhile and we hear you running around your room in the dark. {slamming on the mirrored closet doors isn't the most secret of activities, in case you were wondering.}

sadly, your big girl bed quilt is a bit too hot for the summertime, so you use your "blankie" {the one and only}, your dolly, monkey, and your baby quilt. and it's perfect.

the bed is low to the ground so if you fall out {like monday night} you're still ok. and sometimes {like monday night} you don't even wake up if you do fall out. it's plastic so there will be no beaver action going on. and it's white, so it matches your pretty new shelf.

you still sleep in your crib for naps, mostly because i still want control over that. you've been a horror of a napper lately and you are really not ready to give them up. your sassy attitude tells me so.

but, big girl bed it is! i really am so proud of you. sleep tight!love,

p.s. so i never ever forget this moment, a few days before we made the big switch-a-roo, you were pretty restless for your nap. so i went in to check if your diaper was dirty. this is what i found. that's just gross. your diaper was still velcroed and everything. thanks for at least keeping it clean.

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