Sunday, May 23, 2010

day 9

dear little leah,

it's here! sunday! we get to see you today. we've sure missed you. i hope you missed us. i'm so grateful we didn't have to worry about you at all. we're going to have to think of something super awesome to give to grandma and grandpa. maybe one of your famous drawings? we'll chat. have fun with your last clue and i'll see you in a few hours.

i love, love, love you!


day 9 {sunday}

we'll see you so soon! today's the last present!
you are probably wondering where the time went.
this gift is a special one from mommy to you.
it's something i'm so happy you learned how to do.
when i saw them in your size i couldn't say no.
i can't wait to see you wear them and then...go, go, go!!
you'll find this last gift in my bottom dresser drawer.
i hope you know that i love you. i love you galore.

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