Monday, October 1, 2012

be aware. be veeerrry aware.

Dear Little Leah, 

It's October. The month of goblins and gosts. Tricks and treats. Oh yah, and Rett syndrome awareness. 

This year, we decided to get our toes in on the action. Even Katers joined in on the fun. It was her first pedicure ever, by the way. And she did it just for you. 

We sure love you, miss Leah. Every single purple toe of you. 


p.s. Be very grateful that you got your dad's toes and ankles. It would have been a very scary thing to inherit mine.


  1. pretty sure i have purple.. me and mack will rock it during conference tomorrow:) just for you!

  2. Having a little me-time getting caught up on blogs. You're still my hero.

    We spent Saturday moving Annie & Co. downstairs to their new apartment. SMARDypants has gotten too heavy to carry up and down stairs, plus he'll be in a wheelchair in a few more months. At the end of the day, Nate announced that he wanted to go 'home'.

    Wish the manager could have seen how hard it was for Nate in his new digs. His response to Annie re: taking out the ugly 1970's partition and recarpeting the LR/DR at their own expense? "Take it or leave it. You can stay where you are; you can move in as-is, or you can move out."

    Then he said, "Bah! Humbug!" Seriously, he did!