Sunday, September 30, 2012

you are blessed because...

Dear Little Leah, 

Today was the primary program in our new ward. You. Were. Awesome. 

I have to admit, dad and I were skeptical as we both spent a practice session with you during the past few weeks and you just couldn't hold still. You yelled out in the microphone so your part was inaudible and you simply had a hard time. 

But today - performance day - you were amazing!

You very reverently walked up to the podium with me, pressed your yellow switch with your chin and waiting quietly and patiently while your part was played. 

Your speaking part was to answer the question, "I am blessed for choosing the right when..."

"I am blessed for choosing the right when I choose to show kindness to my baby sister. When I am kind to her, she is happy and likes to be with me and smile at me."

Thank you for choosing the right, Miss Leah. It blesses us all. 


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  1. Love this. Good job, Leah. I'm so glad your mommy posted about this! Wish I could have seen it!