Monday, February 13, 2012


dear little leah, 

just for the sake of an update, seizures still drool. they are the worst, don't you think!? i do. and i'm so sorry that you are the one who has to suffer through them. we've upped your dosage of keppra and it seems to be working, for the most part. the most part NOT being yesterday when you had your all-time high of 20. twenty seizures in one day {including four at night as i laid in your bed by your side}. even one wears you out enough to take a nap. so let's just say you and i did a lot of lounging on the couch. 

oh, little leah, you are stronger than you will ever know. thanks for waking up 20 times with a smile for my eyes and a giggle for my soul. 

you never cease seize to amaze me.

i love you. 

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