Sunday, December 11, 2011

osh kosh

dear little leah, 

today you made me happy. today daddy helped you get dressed for church and do you know what you two chose? the osh kosh jumper that i wore when i was a little girl. and it just made me happy. oh how i loved that jumper, miss leah. i loved it so much i wore it on my first day of kindergarten and in my kindergarten school pictures {yes, i wore it when i was six, not four, but let's not talk about how short i was}. 
 {leah in 2011 and mommy 1987}

and i just hope you love it too. props to daddy for getting you dressed and doing your hair {ribbons and all} so beautifully for church. not so many props to seizures for making you go home from church early so some people didn't have a chance to see you in all your osh kosh glory.

i sure love you, little leah. and i love little moments like this. moments i dreamed about sharing with my little girl that are finally coming true. 

love you. 

p.s. are you jealous of my scrunched socks and white tennis shoes? i promise they were cool.

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  1. So glad I got to see her in her osh kosh glory! So cute!