Tuesday, December 13, 2011

l is for leah

dear little leah, 

you are so lucky to have had fantastic friends throughout your 4.5 years. truly, incredibly fantastic. i've written about some of them before (here, here and here...there are plenty more...). but today i got a little message from the mom of one of your california friends, miss sydney. sydney is in school just like you and she is working on learning her alphabet. today, her homework assignment was to draw a picture of something that starts with L. 

there are Lots of things that start with the letter L, but do you know what she chose?


yup. of all the L words in the entire world, she chose to draw a picture of you. (and your pigtails.) and it made me smile. 

i'm so happy that no matter where we Live, you can know you have wonderful friends who Love you and think about you. 

i Love you, Little Leah Layton (those all start with L!)


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