Thursday, September 8, 2011

all because of a bucket swing?

dear little leah, 
today we went to the park. we do that sometimes. 

we went with friends and we were all having a run-around-and-be-crazy time. 
sometimes people notice that you move differently than other kids. sometimes they notice you can't play on the structures without assistance. and sometimes they notice that you swing in the bucket swings. but they usually don't ever make any comments or ask any questions. 

and they NEVER come up to me and say, "excuse me. i hope this is okay that i'm asking, but...does your daughter have rett syndrome?"

until today. 

my jaw dropped to the ground and when i picked it up, a smile spread across my face before i could respond, "yes! she does! you've heard of rett syndrome?"

we proceeded to have a great conversation about a little girl she used to work with one-on-one in an early education program run through the state of new hampshire. the girl happens to be that girl that we've heard about multiple times, but can't ever get any information about because of privacy laws. so...we gave our new friend our contact info and told her to pass it along. apparently this little girl is three and our new friend said you are both very similar! she walks like you...and stops like you. and she fusses with her fingers like you. 

i really hope we get to meet this little girl soon. you got pretty excited when i told you about her. and i think you guys will get along smashingly. 

all in all, i'd call that a successful day at the park. maybe we should go more often. 

love you miss ribbons, 

p.s. this new friend also told us how much working with this girl has helped her in her own life. she now has a little girl of her own and she said learning about and working with a girl with rett syndrome has helped her to be more patient, to take time to learn about others and to be more grateful overall. i can't help but think you might have had that same effect on others you have worked with.

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