Monday, February 22, 2010


dear little leah,

today you turn three years old.


as in 1,096 days old {there was a leap year in there}.

i know, can you even believe it?
i remember what it was like to not have you in my life, but i can't really imagine your absence.

i remember anticipating you arrival and wondering who you would look like, but i can't really imagine you any different than your perfect little self.

i remember holding your tiny little body in my arms and wondering how i ever lived without you. i still do that.

i remember all the little cords hooked to you body for you first four days of life, praying to Heavenly Father to heal your heart. He did. He healed mine too.

i remember dressing you in newborn outfits that were way too big. now your outfits just seem like they should be too big, but they fit! you've grown up into a darling little girl right before my eyes.

i remember the first time you walked all by yourself. i'm not sure i had ever been happier.

i remember the day we found out why you struggled so much each day. i hoped and prayed Heavenly Father had sent you to the right mommy. i'm pretty sure He did. i really needed you. i still do.

i love your smile. it melts me every time.

i love your eyes. they simply sparkle.

i love your laugh. it's contagious.

i love your legs. so slender yet squishy.

i love your abs. i covet them so.

i love your hair. so full of bounce.

i love your run. so full of life.

i love your nose. proof that you're mine.

i love your sense of humor. slap stick and silly.

i love your concern for others. pure and genuine.

i love your tears {only when i can wipe them away}.

i love you. all three years of you.

and i love being your mom.

happy birthday, beah.



  1. What a precious tribute to a darling little girl. I am sure you've heard it a zillion times, but the years do pass swiftly.

  2. This is the most amazing post. Leah is one LOVED little girl!! You are one AMAZING mamma!