Monday, June 6, 2011

a good day!

dear little leah, 

so much to catch up on, but that's for another day. because today, TODAY, was a good day. 

i don't often write about your good days. it seems i need the therapy that comes from writing only on the bad. but i wanted to let you know that you do, indeed, have good days. you have great days! like today. there was no crying when entering/exiting the car. you ran into school and went up the stairs without hesitation. your teachers reported that you had an amazing day with no crying, sitting for 20+ minutes for art and story time, a great day in the motor room, and approximating names/answers/songs! 

i know! and it doesn't stop there.

as i picked you up for school, you squealed with delight and ran into my arms. you walked down the steps without hesitation {just with my hand} and ran to the car without crying. a. ma. zing. 

at home, we danced and giggled and played all day long. you sat in my lap a lot. i mean a lot a lot. even while i folded the laundry. it melted my heart! 

you got to play with baby bailey {who learned to walk while we were away - not such a baby anymore!}. we played dress-ups and ate cherry tomatoes {a new favorite snack} and danced our little hearts out. we even chased your bubble bug because the sun decided to show its face. finally. 

you ate dinner with ease and with a smile. you had three poopy diapers which is definitely not normal, but it didn't matter because you sat calmly while i changed each of them. you splashed like a crazy woman {happy, but crazy} in the tubby and you sat calmly in my arms as we read the dancing jellybeans. and now you're sleeping calmly in your bed - that you climbed into all by yourself.

see?! a good day all around. 

hooray for good days! 

hooray for you!

love you, little leah.


  1. LOVE it when that happens! way to go Leah and way to go mom (for writing about it!)

  2. Hooray for Leah!!!! You are amazing chica.

  3. WONDERFUL! Love this post! Great job Leah!

  4. hooray hooray that is a GREAT day. can't wait to see your cute face soon bean.