Monday, April 11, 2011

just call me a slacker

go ahead. i deserve it. just call me a slacker. a month and a half with no letter to my little leah!? it's absurd, i know. because i'm such a slacker, you might never have known that you...

got a haircut, 
 had a birthday,
 dressed up a bazillion times with your friends,
 got sick,
 rocked the rain gear,
 went to work with dad,
 got caught looking at inappropriate menswear at the store,
 had lots of picnics with mom in the front room while it rained,
 had a birthday party {yes, a month late}
 had your four year checkup {and only cried one tear after your immunizations!},
 watched lots of march madness with dad,
 practiced dressing in winter gear in preparation for your move to new england,
 fell asleep in funny places,
 became impatient when mom didn't feed you fast enough, taking matters into your own hands {or mouth?},
 played the wii with dad,
 chased your new bubble bug,
 smelled the pretty flowers,
 were the cutest green leprechaun we've ever seen,
 had your third visit at the natural history study in oakland {this time with dr. nuel},
 sabotaged mom's emails on multiple occasions {you think it's hilarious to haphazardly whack the keyboard},
got you first pair of flip flops,
swam like a fish for your first {and second} pool days of the year,
and fell asleep in more funny places.
really, it's been a fun-filled month. we've jumped in puddles and jumped in pools. grown a year older and blown a year's worth of boogers. fought a fever and partied and played. sorry to slack off on you miss leah. it shouldn't happen again. thanks for putting up with me, sweetheart. 

i love you bunches!

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