Thursday, February 10, 2011


dear little leah, 

you haven't always like sunglasses. you were born liking them. 

and we were hard pressed to find  you without them for a few months. 
then your body went crazy on you and you haven't let us put them on you since. at all. 
until claire changed everything. we went to dinner with her over the holidays and the owner of the restaurant came out and presented you all with your own pair of heart-shaped sunglasses. we tried to put them on you. you pushed them away. claire let her mom put them on. and you liked it. so we tried again and voile! if i'd only known it would be so easy.
a few weeks later, you picked out your very own pair that actually fit your head (your old velcro pair make your eyes bulge out of your head - sorry about that). and you love when you transform from "leah" into "shades" when we're in the car. it's perfect. your hands don't work so you can't ever block the sun from your eyes. so your shades do the work for you. and you look fabulous in the meantime. 
and can i just say how much i love this picture? you're like, "yah, mom. i know the sun is shining. a lot. and i don't care. it's not in my eyes. and i look cool. bring it on sun."

love you bunches, shades. 


  1. Omycuteness. I want to just suck up her pudgy baby cheeks. That or blow zerberts on them. I know it wouldn't go over well, so I would refrain. But Her CHEEKS!!!

    My babygirl finally leaves on her glasses. For about an hour. It's a good thing. :)

  2. Man is she one cool girl! So glad Claire could help bring the shades back, it's the least she could do for such a great friend.