Tuesday, January 4, 2011

what a day!

dear little leah,

i love days like today! miss jenn said you approximated "white" and "blue" and "more" today. multiple times. and at the right times! woo hooo!

and then she said you went potty in the potty! yippee!

and then you took a great nap. alright!

and then we had a dance party in the front room. yee haw!

and then we colored pictures and made cards for some of our family. yay!

and then you used your switch to sing happy birthday to aunt kb. and she cried. woot woot!

what a day. let's go pick up dad and eat some dinner. mmkay?

love you,


  1. Love this post, yes more of this for you please little Leah :-)

  2. and i cried again just thinking of your sweet birthday wishes song. i love you bean. best birthday gift ever!