Sunday, May 26, 2013

Wild Child

Dear Little Leah, 

Most people don't know it, but you have a wild side. 

Sure, you like your ribbons and pink polka dot attire. But you also like your biking gear. 

Lately you have been wringing your hands and fingers so much that it is wearing your sweet skin to the bone! So, we took you to the lovely West Leb WalMart (sorry about that) where we had you pick out three pair of your very favorite biking gloves to protect those little hands. 

They're cute. 

You like them. 

And they work.

Three cheers!

Love you and your wild side, 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

eye gaze trials

Dear Little Leah, 

As you know, you just finished trialing two eye gaze computers. Go you. No, seriously, you rock. You did an amazing job on both devices (and so did your team at Mt. Leb). 

And then we moved. 

Sorry about that. 

I promise to get going with this asap after we move. 

I know you have things you are dying to tell us. And believe you me, I'm dying to hear them. 

Love you to the moon and back. 


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

artist of the day

Dear Little Leah, 
Seriously!? The cuteness is almost too much. And look at you sitting so nicely with your hands resting in your lap. Nice work, Miss Ribbons. On the artwork, the behavior and the all-around awesomeness. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

wild and crazy mt. leb

Dear Little Leah, 

Thanks for putting up with your wild and crazy mom and participating in the wild and crazy dress up days this week. Especially wild hair day. You're cute and crazy and I'm simply wild about YOU. 


Sunday, February 24, 2013

first primary talk

Dear Little Leah, 

Today you gave you first talk in primary; the first of many, I hope. 

You knocked my socks off with how well you activated your switch for the intro and closing and you were so calm and reverent while I read the middle part for you. 

Who says you can't give a talk just because you can't "talk." Just one more reason you never cease to amaze me. 


If I keep the commandments,
I can live with Heavenly Father again.

At my house, we have lots of rules. Im sure you have rules too! Our moms and dads make rules for us to follow so we will come home every day safe and happy. The rules in my house show me that my mom and dad love me and want me to be safe. 

Just like our moms and dads, our Heavenly Father has made rules for us to follow too. They are called commandments. If we follow the commandments, we will be happy and can return to live with Heavenly Father and Jesus again. 

I like the hymn that says, Keep the commandments, keep the commandments, in this there is safety, in this there is peace. He will send blessings…” I know if we keep Heavenly Fathers commandments, we will be safe and we will be blessed. 

I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

half of a shiblum

Dear Little Leah, 

So, I was reading the scriptures the other night (yes, it was after midnight) and I came across one of my favorites. It makes me giggle every time. 

If you, being a Leah, are so darn cute, a shiblum must be ridiculously cute!

the mom of half of a shiblum

extra choice time

Dear Little Leah, 
Today I received an email from your morning para, Mrs. Cyphers. She told me the following story:
"G, I believe, was in Leah's class last year.  He earns extra choice time each day and the last two days he has chosen to invite Leah for a walk and offered to do her stair climbing practice with her. Today, he invited her to join him in taking turns bouncing on the therapy ball. He had her laughing for a good five minutes."
Mr. G then got his picture taken with you, but I haven't been able to talk to his mom to see if she's ok with it on the blog. But...Mr. G did take a picture of you and Mrs. Cypher, and I love it to pieces. We owe a lot to your team at school. Your teacher and therapists truly care for you and your paras are literally by your side every step of the way. This picture just screams love to me and it makes my heart happy. 

I love you Leah and I love that you are treating others in a way that makes them choose to want to spend time with you!


Friday, December 28, 2012

giggles from fellow five year olds

Dear Little Leah, 

The following story was told to me by your primary teacher this year, Sister Pyfer. She and her husband both teach you and are great friends of ours:
"We had the sweetest experience in class when we were talking about the resurrection of our bodies. We were explaining how people that are disabled or can't talk or walk, etc. would be healed and be able to do all those things. Both Amelia and Sarah's eyes lit up and they started smiling. And they said, "So you mean Leah will be able to talk to us??? And she will be able to play with us??" And we said, "Yes she will!!" They got so excited and giggly and said they couldn't wait for that day to happen!! Seriously I was crying and Bryan was tearing up. It was one of the sweetest moments I have ever had. We love little Leah."
Oh Leah, I can't wait for that day to come either. I think I might giggle just like Sarah and Amelia. I'm sure you're more excited than us all! Thanks for often being such a great reminder of keeping an eternal perspective. Days can be long and hard for both of us, but I'm happy that you are mine forever. 


Monday, December 24, 2012

Dear Santa, vol. 6

Dear Santa, 
What. A. Year. 

It’s my sixth, as you well know, and it definitely had its ups and downs. 

The Ups:

I have continued to improve my physical strength and stamina. My teachers and therapists are extremely pleased with my progress. I make sure to get in a certain number of steps each day and I regularly practice the stairs. 

I’m really getting good at helping to feed myself at home and at school. We started with just a cheese or apple stick. My helper would put my hand on the food and then their hand over mine, guiding my hand to my mouth while stabilizing my elbow. Well a year later, I need no stabilization, just a bit of guidance and pretty much no help with the grip. I can even use a spoon and a fork. 

I know. I’m basically amazing. 

I became a big sister this year. That takes a lot of adjusting and I took it all in stride. I really like Kate, but she can be pretty inconvenient at times (read: bedtime). She’s loud and messy and she cries a lot. But, I remember what it was like to be a baby and I still remember what it’s like to have a need and not be able to communicate it. So…mostly I try to be understanding and just give her lots of kisses.

I also started kindergarten this year. I’m doing well with my switch as well as using my eyes to communicate. It’s a hard road. Sometimes my body just won’t work at all. And sometimes when it does work, others aren’t watching. But I just keep trying. I also use electric scissors and am hoping to get a computer next month. Mommy keeps saying something about insurance holding things up…

I’m still very compliant when it comes to dressing warm for the winter. It’s already hard to move my little body, let alone moving it when it’s smooshed inside of snow pants, a coat, mittens, a hat and boots. But I do it. And I usually have a smile on my face.

I was kind of horrible earlier in the year when it came to working on my potty chart. So, mommy ripped it off the wall and we don’t have a chart anymore. I realized she was super serious about the issue after her tantrum, so I’ve tried my best and I go multiple times a day in the potty!!

I am a great sleeper. Period. (Mom says this deserves triple points.)

The Downs:

Mostly, there has just been one down this year and that is having seizures. And those aren’t even my fault! They just won’t stop, Santa. They make me so tired and the medications make me crazy. We’re on a first name basis with the school nurse and the neighborhood pharmacist. Mom, Dad and the neurologist are trying their very best to find what works well for me and they think they’re onto something. Is your desk wood? If so, knock on it because I’ve only had 4 seizures during 2 days of the last 2 weeks! That’s a really good thing.

Well, Santa, as you can see, I’ve been overwhelmingly good this year. It’s kind of a no-brainer. As for gifts, I’d just like for you to cure Rett syndrome. Buuuuut, if that’s not possible this year just keep working on it and bring a doll for the tub and some blocks for me to play with my dad instead. 

Tell Rudolph hi!

Leah Layton, Age 5

p.s. I’m still in New Hampshire this year, but I’ll have a new house next year. Do you have an email where I can forward you my new address when we know it?

p.p.s. You're looking mighty young this year. Dad wants to know your secret!

Monday, October 1, 2012

be aware. be veeerrry aware.

Dear Little Leah, 

It's October. The month of goblins and gosts. Tricks and treats. Oh yah, and Rett syndrome awareness. 

This year, we decided to get our toes in on the action. Even Katers joined in on the fun. It was her first pedicure ever, by the way. And she did it just for you. 

We sure love you, miss Leah. Every single purple toe of you. 


p.s. Be very grateful that you got your dad's toes and ankles. It would have been a very scary thing to inherit mine.